beginner photography workshops for parents

Learn to use your camera to take better photos of your kids!


buckle up!

These workshops cover general photography concepts the can be applied to photographing children of all ages.  I’ll teach you how to use your camera to its full potential.

Each level is three to three and a half hours long and includes snacks and beverages, a workbook filled with notes on what we cover and tons of examples and assignments. Both classes also include access to a private Facebook group where you’ll be able to post photos for critique, get feedback from the group and share resources. (I’ll be active in the group for one week after each workshop, but the group will remain open and you can feel free to continue posting with your classmates).

Level I Will Cover:

  • Fundamental DSLR Elements
  • The Exposure Triangle (Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO)
  • Depth of Field & Background Blur
  • Camera Modes
  • Lenses and Focal Length
  • Focus
  • Essential Lighting Techniques
  • Compositional Strategies for Exceptional Images

Level II Will Cover:

  • Quick Review of Exposure Triangle and Critique of Homework Images
  • Drive Modes, Metering, and Challenging Light Situations
  • Single Point Focus and Intentional Composition
  • White Balance and Color
  • Working With Light and Reflectors
  • Perspective
  • Posing Tips and Compositional Rules
  • Open Question and Answer Period

Who are these workshops for, Jaye?

These are for any parent (or grandparent, really) who wants to capture beautiful photographs of their kids and their everyday lives.

Who are these workshops not for?

If you already know all about the exposure triangle and all the bells and whistles on your camera and can consistently take properly exposed and well-composed photos, you’re probably too advanced for this class.  If you’re thinking about starting your own photography business or are already taking photos of other people’s families for fun or for money, this class is not for you.  I will not be discussing the business of photography.

Where and when will the workshops be held?

My January 2020 workshop run was a great success.  If you missed it and would like another round, gather a group and drop me a line!  Four students minimum, twelve students max.  

I generally teach the workshops at various locations throughout NYC, Westchester County and Southern Connecticut during the months that are not as busy for me with photographing families (So, probably January through March).  Scroll down to get yourself on the list to be notified about future dates.  If you’d like to host a workshop for your group, please drop me a line and we’ll chat.

How much are the workshops?

Each level is $225.  Sign up for both levels for $400. 

Keep scrolling to see what some workshop participants have had to say about it!

from workshop participants

"I had thought that buying a fancy DSLR before my first child was born would mean I'd take better pictures of my kids - but all the buttons, dials and settings of the camera, along with a thick manual and tons of acronyms, overwhelmed me and I put off learning how to use my DSLR beyone its point-and-shoot capabilities for 6 years.  It was in perpetual "auto" setting and my photos didn't feel all that much better than those taken on my iphone. So when I heard Jaye was teaching a photography class, I jumped at the opportunity.  I had long admired her photos - and this class was truly eye-opening.  It was done in an intimate setting with a small class size.  She demystified all those settings and buttons and acronyms and distilled it down step-by-step to what we needed to know.  From aperture to ISO, lighting to composition, she relayed on when to do what and tips for beautiful photos.  I recommend this class for anyone who wants to help their DSLR realize its potential."


"I have had my DSLR camera for at least 9 years…maybe more. It’s a love/hate relationship. I love capturing a moment in time but I am always disappointed with the result. Time and time again I go back to snapping photos on my iphone because the photos on my DSLR (whether in automatic or manual mode) didn’t capture the light quite right or would render my action shots blurry. Enter Jaye’s Freeze Ray Photography course. This course demystified my camera’s settings and taught me how to use manual mode to get a better exposure … whether that is a backlit photo, an action shot or, finally, that elusive blurry background in my portrait shots. I now understand what features and functions I need to play with on my camera vs. with what I don’t really need to concern myself. I got a primer in lenses and learned a bit more on how to work with challenging light situations and how to try and capture photos of fast moving children. The two days our group spent together were enjoyable and I can honestly say it’s fun again using my DSLR. My photos aren’t always perfect but they are getting much, much better. And now I understand why…thanks to Jaye."


"I signed up for this class to refresh my 25 year old knowledge of basic manual photography, but what I got back was so much more.  Jaye reviewed and refreshed the basics but also inspired me to go out and practice and reminded me how much I loved photography as a teen. I’ve been so lazy, using the phone, but Jaye’s class helped me understand my camera and made me want to use it every day.  This class was a gift."

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