Oh, yay! I'm excited to work with you. Hopefully you've already seen my handy INFO PAGE, right?

The best way to be during your LYYP session is relaxed. And the best way I know to help you relax is to anticipate every single worry you could possibly have about your LYYP session and address and dispel it. So, let's get to it. Let's dive into a bit more detail. The pages below should give you everything you need to feel fully informed and prepared. Need more info or just further reassurance? Just drop me a line.

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I'll say this LOTS of times between the time you book and the time you have your beautiful photos in your hands. If you ever have a question, concern, or idea you'd like to share, just call or email me. Consider this an ongoing collaboration that I just KNOW is going to have an awesome result.

Either way, we'll chat on the phone a few days before your session, but seriously - don't hesitate!

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