The 411. The info. All the things you're wondering about as you consider a session with me. Right here in a make-believe interview I did with myself. What to expect, what to wear, pricing, everything -- it's all here.

And if it's NOT here, well, just drop me a line and tell me what I missed.

So, Jaye, what’s a family lifestyle session with you like?

Seriously - it's fun. Everything I do and say during our time together is geared toward helping you and your family relax and have a good time - so that I can catch you in the act of laughing, snuggling quietly with a good book, playing, tickling, jumping on the bed, jumping in puddles, jumping on dad's back, telling knock-knock jokes over milk and cookies ... whatever!

Where do your sessions take place?

They say that home is where the heart is. That's where my sessions take place, too. All the best smiles, the most relaxed interactions, the most authentic adventures take place at home. If you like, we can of course play in the backyard as well, or stroll to the neighborhood park or ride bikes or scooters around the block too. Generally, your home needs to be in Westchester County, NYC or Southern Connecticut. I do book a limited number of travel sessions per year - drop me a line to inquire.

Do you offer digital files?

Sure do. In fact, each of my collections comes with ALL the images in your gallery. I couldn't possibly decide on 7 or 10 or 12 digital images to tell your story, so how can I ask you to do that? And because I know you’re busy, I make sure that every collection includes multiple ways for you to easily enjoy and share your images. Each collection also includes a tangible embodiment of your story - one that you can hold in your hands - to anchor those memories in your mind, and to make the story invincible. I also offer a full menu of a la carte items – storybook albums, prints and wall hangings - something for everyone. When you contact me I'll send you a full price list with collection details and costs.

How much should I expect to spend?

My session fee is $300 -- this holds your date and includes includes a pre-session planning and prepping consultation, 1-2 super fun hours of shooting time with your immediate family, my selection and editing of the best images from your session and an (in person or online) ordering session. After you've seen a preview of your gallery, you'll make an additional purchase of a collection, each of which includes all the digital files and various print credits and products. It all depends on what you want, but most people tend to spend between $1200 and $2500 on collections, prints and products at their ordering sessions. Contact me for a full price list.

What if my kids are a nightmare, Jaye?

Relaaaax. Seriously -- You see all these kids and families on these pages? This was their number one worry, too. I’m not going to tell you that every single moment of your session is going to go just exactly as you want it to go. Your kids might start shy. Or show off. Or misbehave, even. But don’t worry. I’m never in a hurry, and I know just what to do/say/not do/not say to bring them around so that they show me the version of them that you know and love and want to capture. And all the other versions, too, some of which will be a distant memory in a year’s time and that you’ll be glad you caught. I promise you that we’ll get lots of good images throughout this whole process, and that together they’ll tell a story that you’ll treasure.

And here’s another reason to relax – you look your best when you’re being yourself, too – and your kids will respond to your positive energy!

Yeah, about that, Jaye – I don’t love having my picture taken…

Of course you don’t. Neither do I. And yes, that was the number TWO worry of most of those moms and dads whose happy faces you see all over these pages. But they shouldn’t have worried either. Because those smiles you see? They look real because they are real. You’ll see – it really is fun! One of the best compliments I frequently get from my clients, in fact, comes before they’ve seen their first sneak peek – they tell me they’ve fallen in love with the process before they even see the outcome. Come on, give me a chance to prove it to you. Your future self (not to mention your children and grandchildren) will thank you!

What should we wear?

Well, I’m no fashionista. At all. Generally speaking, I usually tell people to dress their children (and themselves) in something that they’re comfortable in and that is true to their individual personalities. If that means your favorite tshirt and comfy jeans, that’s great. If you want to kick it up a notch, that’s fine too. Finding a balance between being comfortable enough to cuddle on the bed or play a game on the floor and feeling put-together enough that you’ll be happy with the final product is key. I love it when kids dress themselves -- maybe starting in PJ’s and bedhead, switching to mom’s favorite outfit and ending in something from the dress up trunk.

OK, now I’ll get a little more specific in case all this wishy-washy “whatever you like” business isn’t helping you. Coordinating outfits is great, but you definitely don’t want to all wear the same color or matching outfits (noooooooo!) Complementary tones, textures and simplicity are good things to think about. Patterns are good, but if one or two choose to wear stripes or plaids, the others should probably choose solids or more muted patterns. Stay away from big logos or words.-- anything that's going to date you or distract from the story of who you are as a family.

What else?

You guys. This is just the tip of the "INFO" iceberg. You're going to have questions and worries and we're going to talk through them all. I provide lots of info once you book -- a little paper Welcome Brochure in the mail and a super detailed online Client Guide and questionnaires and emails and chats leading up to your session to make sure that when it's time for the actual session, you're able to relax. To slow down, to be present, to have fun, to enjoy where you are in your life right now. So that I can freeze it for you to keep forever. How awesome is that???

I’m excited – how do I book?

Just drop me a line and we’ll figure out a time and date. I save blocks of time for newborns based on your due date – either within two weeks of arrival or at about 4-6 weeks out, depending on the kinds of photos you’re hoping for. Bellies are best photographed at about 30 weeks.

A word of warning, though – to be sure that everyone's experience is easy, fun and super satisfying, I strictly limit the number of lifestyle sessions I take per month. This means that certain months book up waaaaaay in advance. So if you’ve got a particular time of year in mind, it’s never too soon to book. But there’s NO season that’s not good for capturing your story. We don’t need blooming tulips or fall foliage to capture beautiful memories of your family’s love. So why not book in January?

Can’t wait to chat!

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Some Sample Sessions


Some Sample Sessions


Some Sample Sessions


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