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Boys | Westchester Kids Photographer

I’ve got a soft spot for boys as a Westchester kids photographer.  Boys’ constant energy and physicality means that even for a short weekday mini session, we don’t waste much time easing into things.  We’re all go, right from the start. Basketball, ping pong, tree climbing, foot races, cuddles with mom and dad … it…

Battery Park City Family Photographer | Boys

This was my third session as this family’s Battery Park City family photographer.  The first was when the twins were about three, and each one has been more fun than the last.  Now that baby brother’s on the move, they’re a busy little bunch.  I loved capturing these Battery Park City boys in their natural…

BFFs | Westchester Twins Photographer

I met these twins last year at their very first weekday mini session, which we spent mostly running around the park behind their house.  Experiencing a whole lifestyle session with them was great — I was really able to see (and show) the dynamic of their relationship.  Twin relationships are fascinating, aren’t they? These two are…

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