Free Christmas Card Micro Mini Session Event 2019

Today’s the day, ladies and gents!That’s right … details of this year’s free Christmas Card Micro Mini Sessions have landed!

I’ll be offering FREE 10 minute micro mini sessions on Saturday, November 2nd , November 16th and November 23rd (sorry, these went fast!) for anyone who books (or has already booked) a full lifestyle session in 2020.

***NEW Date: Monday, November 11th!  It’s Veteran’s Day and the kids have off of school!***

Pretty cool, huh? You get an awesome photo for the 2019 holiday card, and then get to look forward to a super-fun full lifestyle session in 2020. Here are the deets:

  • 10 minute mini session at an outdoor Pelham location TBA (kids only please)
  • Includes one FREE full resolution digital file with print release (additional digital files available for purchase)

Your micro mini gallery will be available for viewing on line for one day — all you have to do is pick which file you’d like as an immediate download.[Remember that these micro minis are ONLY available to clients who book a full lifestyle session in 2020 … they cannot be purchased separately!]

That’s it! Spaces will be filled on a first come, first served basis and there are only a limited number of these, so snag an opening while you can.

There’s a glimpse of some of my faves from a past year’s event HERE.  Ready to book?   Go right HERE to start the process.

Take my advice, though, and don’t wait — there are not very many spots left. 😉

Thanks for looking,


In Their Words | Time Machine

It’s time for another installment of my “In Their Words” blog series, and people, it’s a doozy.  It choked me up and made me weepy and and made me SO, SO happy that I do what I do.  This particular client has always been a fave, as you can see from what I’ve written about her sessions in the past (most recently HERE, and you can click back from there).  Please read and enjoy, while I sit here and blush.

First, a quick photo …Every once in a while Facebook opens up with a memory or a picture I shared 10, 4, 6 years ago…..the video or photo almost always tugs at my heart. They make me laugh or smile…occasionally a tear slips out or an embarrassed laugh over an outfit, my weight, bad hair color… I have three boys and I have been a mom for twelve years and counting! I’m pretty sure I would spend a million dollars (if I had it) to go back in a time machine and spend just a day with my boys when they were babies….1, 3, and 4 years old. Just to smell them again- that damp baby scent that is always so good and clean and feel their chubby baby bodies. Today they’re 11, 9, and 7 years old. They are all wiry muscle and my house smells like baseball gloves and soccer cleats. Our kitchen smells like body odor, dog, and cookies. Somewhere in the distance teenagers are coming and my heart breaks over how quickly it’s all going.

When I scan through these pictures from our recent photo shoot with Jaye, my heart is full. The last couple years have included a divorce, a move into a new house, at least 100 baseball games, 50 soccer games, 20 football games, and a lot of cookies and baking and working and mom-ing. But this latest round of pictures is sort of icing on my cake….Jaye has been taking pictures of these boys (and me) since they were babies. She has seen, heard, and smelled it all. She’s been here with a new puppy, diapers, a husband, a birthday cake, a pool, the first time without a husband, a new job, a move, and she’s seen it all. More important than just seeing it all, she catches it all with her camera. And all these pictures always tug at my heart and pull it in a million directions like Facebook.

When my divorce started, Jaye took stunning pictures of my boys running around a pond at our old house, but I looked broken and sad. My hair was a funny red color from neglect and my eyes were not my own. I remember worrying that I ruined our pictures or wasted money forcing pictures without my husband around anymore. It’s an interesting memory because the past few years Jaye has gotten shots of my growing boys, but she’s also caught me in a lot of different moments of pain, grief, healing, relief, and this last shoot. I don’t really know what to say about these…I think she caught all of us in happiness. And these pictures shine….it’s like I can see us again and I realize that Jaye has been seeing us this whole time. 

These photos are better than Facebook though because they don’t just pop up every once in a while….I get to keep them and look at them. If our house was burning down, I would grab the kids, the dog, and the albums Jaye has made me. Even when money is tight her work is worth every penny because I see everything in every photo. Every baby step, every tired second, every burned cookie, every beautiful birthday cake. Every sad moment that delivered us here to a moment of real happy. I do need to ‘remember this was beautiful’ sometimes and Jaye’s pictures are a gift because they remind me. They’re also the closest I can get to that time machine I want so badly.

I’m laughing looking at these new shots. Beau is hiding behind a curtain and Dutch is doing a flip on the lawn, Bruce is sitting quietly in his bedroom with a new baseball bat he got for his birthday and I am shining. I am literally glowing with pride and joy and happiness and love and relief and I wish so much I had a million dollars to hold these babies again. But let’s be serious, I don’t have a time machine or a million extra dollars– I have something better. I have all of Jaye’s pictures and the life in my years captured forever. Much cooler than a Facebook memory and much more fun to be in this moment living it.
Call it a freeze ray gun or a time machine … it warms my heart that my camera and I can give this mom a piece of the past with her babies and hold up a mirror to herself so that she can see what she has been to them over the years.  I’m glad she sees happiness in these photos!
Thanks for looking,
  • AidanOctober 22, 2019 - 9:37 pm

    Such gorgeous photos that show pure joy and true happiness.ReplyCancel

    • JayeOctober 23, 2019 - 11:36 am

      Yes!  Thank you!ReplyCancel

Moments of the Month | May 2019

It happens sometimes that my camera and I are so busy taking photos of other people’s families, my own personal blogroll feels a little sparse.  May 2019, it seems, was a month like that.  Lots of family sessions and a phenomenal PCT production kept my camera busy.  Thankfully, my iPhone photos (or those that I managed to post to Instagram) remind me of what we McLaughlins were up to. 

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Baby Plan | Scarsdale Baby Photographer

You’ve seen this baby all over my website and social media, and now that I’ve completed her Baby Plan year, I can finally show you a few (just a few!) of my very favorites from the year.  I’m not going to go into the details of the Baby Plan too much — you can go HERE if you’d like to see them — but this little cartoon baby is a good (and INSANELY cute) example of how a Baby Plan might look.

In the space of a year, we watched this dumpling go from this … ….         … … … …  to this …. …. …..                                                                                        … to this!
But … the Baby Plan is NOT just about portraits of a baby at different stages, you see.  It’s really about story — glimpses into this baby’s, and this family’s, story during her first year.

It was a good story.

Now, this family is not new.  Not new to me and not new to parenting.  Which is why I shouldn’t have been surprised when mom called me a day or two before baby’s newborn session had been planned and told me that due to construction in their home (with a newborn) during the hottest, hottest heat wave we’ve seen in a while (with a newborn), their power (and air conditioning) had gone out and they had moved temporarily into a nearby hotel (with a newborn) but they were still totally cool with going ahead with the session.  It’ll make a cool story, she said.

It did.

One of the perks of the Baby Plan is first dibs on slots to my annual Free holiday card Micro Mini Session Event.  It only took ten minutes to get this gem of a photo, which was featured on one of my favorite Christmas cards of 2018.A few months later, it was time for her sitting session.  I was overwhelmed with overwhelm during this entire session – that’s the truth.  I mean, look at her.  This baby didn’t (doesn’t) even look REAL.  She looks like a cartoon drawing of a baby.  And the sitting stage is my favorite, favorite, FAVORITE stage.  Just look at her.But again, it wasn’t just about pictures of a cute baby.  It was about a moment in time for this family, and where they were in their story.

And in the blink of an eye, cartoon baby had turned a year and it was time for her final session.  Here’s where the personalities and the emerging relationships with the sisters really shone through.   

Can you see now why I absolutely love Baby Plan sessions?  And Baby Plan families, for that matter?

We’ve got our next annual family lifestyle session on the books for 2020, of course, but I might go through withdrawal, having to wait a year!  Oh, well, I’ve got these photos to hold me over. 😉  And the ones from the last several years, before cartoon baby joined the family, too.  (You can see the last time I photographed them as a family of four HERE, and click back from there if you like). This family, of course, has a book chock full of photos from each session they can look at (one of them is in my IG highlights if you’d like to see).  These are just the tip of the iceberg, really!  And their value, like all photos, increase over time.  Sigh… I miss them already.

Thanks for looking,


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    What a beautiful Family!ReplyCancel

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