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Did you ever hear the saying “The cobbler’s children have no shoes?”  It refers to the phenomena where people who are successful at doing something but don’t demonstrate that in their own personal lives.  I’m always ranting here and on Instagram and on Facebook about “printing your photos!”  “Don’t let them stay trapped on the cute little thumb drive in your drawer!”  “Put them on the walls!” “In books!” “Everywhere!!”  But do I live by this rule myself?

Well, yeah.  Let’s just say I’m not a cobbler.

(And I haven’t even shown you any of my walls yet).

For years I’ve been meaning to share with you how I stay on top of making sure my photos make the very important transformation from bundles of pixels on my hard drive to real-life products that I and my family can enjoy.  And now, I’m finally going to show you how I do this.  I hope that sharing this will help you see that if you are a little bit organized and take advantage of the many, many consumer products and services available these days for printing photos, you can have a veritable library of tangible memories to enjoy in your home and to pass on to your little ones for generations.  And all these things will look great sitting next to your collection of LYYP Storybook Albums.  😉

I’m calling it The Cobbler Series.  Stay tuned, as I’ll be indexing all the posts here:

Organizing Your Photos

Printing Your iPhone Photos

Making Books

Designing Photo Books

And please feel free to ask any questions throughout this process (HERE or at or in the comments below).  Your question might be the subject of a future installment!

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